IT Consulting


IT for Government..


Moving in-house IT systems to vended COTS solutions often poses risks, constraints, and complexities  unique to government agencies...



  • Data privacy and security

  • Limitations to accommodate custom workflows 

  • Limitations to accommodate configurable workflow

  • Lack of IT governance 

  • User based licensing costs

  • Custom operational SLA under shared tenancy

  • Offer secure, tailor-made solutions to tackle unique IT problem

  • Enterprise level service management with guaranteed metrics on SLA

  • Unlimited user and data scalability on a fixed cost model

  • Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation in our build and operational life-cycles



























       We have use-cases migrating complex legacy database systems for 

       government agencies into modern web-based platforms in cloud,   

      incorporating high performance, secure architectures...


 We have use-cases  improving customer experience and business operations, data management, application and data security, and modernizing applications and platforms that we consolidate...

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