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Moving in-house IT systems to vended COTS solutions often poses risks, constraints, and complexities  unique to government agencies...

IT Consulting

IT for Government..


Client Testimony

"TechZavy have been extremely flexible in working with our technical and business requirements, have adjusted schedules and accommodated our resource timelines very well..."

- Robert Wehausen, MNIT Supervisor,
Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources



  • Evolving Data privacy, Security, and Resiliency requirements

  • Complex IT governance under Government budget & spending goals

  • Legacy Platform limitations to accommodate Government statutes 

  • Legacy Vendors, Licensing , and operational models

  • Unpredictable IT costs from under utilized cloud tenancy

  • Modern Custom configurable COTS solutions for unique workflows

  • Technology agnostic architectures for high performance operational SLAs

  • Predictable cost models allowing unlimited user and data scalability 

  • Scaled Agile Devops for Transparency, Inspection, and quick Adaptation 




























Our COTS Solutions  offer data security, business agility, and business intelligence as cornerstones with configurable components for tailored business processes to accommodate government statutes for reporting and compliance at rapid turn around time

Our Platform Modernization  services incorporate high performance, secure SLAs in AZURE, AWS, and ORACLE cloud for reliable business operations and data management for government agencies

Our Digital Transformation use-cases include projects and program consolidation into Product Portfolio using scaled Agile frameworks, data and application migration into cloud-native services, and building BI platforms using augmented analytics, AI, and Machine Learning


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Our government cloud hosting SLAs on AZURE, AWS, and ORACLE offers the highest level of security, reliability and performance for mission-critical government agencies. Our operational support model have proven to enhance enterprise customer experience, business continuity, and efficiencies consistently

Client Testimony

"TechZavy team have an exceptional level of technical expertise and a keen ability to implement user-friendly designs.."

- Adam Y. Zoet, Energy Planner, Director,
Minnesota Department of Commerce

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