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Artificial Intelligence


AI is increasingly used to produce new business insights to transform decision making and drive improved outcomes, but challenges remain..


Uncertainty  where to begin using AI-based solutions

Lack of proof of concepts applicable 

How to quantify value on AI investment?

How to produce new insights to transform decision making?

How to derive improved business outcomes?



We partner with you to shape your AI goals by setting realistic objectives based on assessment of your application inventory, master data, and business domain. We train pilot projects to gain practical experience from proof of concept, technology, and value and deploy early production systems to measure value on the investment. Will recommend the correct AI algorithms suitable for your business and data domain to enhance themselves by learning new heuristics and apply that intelligence to solve your business problem. For example, to enhance a workflow or business intelligence, we setup machine learning heuristics like Bayesian networks, decision trees, and nearest-neighbor, which learn to approximate any function from the given data over a period of time.



In healthcare, we have use cases like medical imaging diagnostics, where AI with computer vision (CV) empowers clinical decision support with additional information that can accurately diagnose particular conditions. For example, fraud detection machine learning algorithms can spot malignancies on chest films, to proactively identify potentially fraudulent claims before they’re submitted. 



Amazon Lex uses the same technology as Amazon Alexa to provide advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU)


Microsoft Bot Framework - open-source Bot Builder SDK, which supports .NET, Node.js, and REST

Azure Bot Services

AWS - Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech


Amazon Rekognition, built on technology used by Amazon Prime Photos to analyze billions of images daily, is a service that makes it easy to add image analysis to applications

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