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Cloud Services-
Legacy Migrations, Replatform, Rearchitect, and Rehost

Migrating on-premises application to cloud is not a cost saving strategy, unless the hosting platforms and the apps are optimized to scale-up and scale-down automatically to keep cloud costs cheaper...


Lack of strategic planning in managing multi-cloud environments.

Lack of governance in managing cloud tenancies and related spending 

Lack of resource expertise to configure cost-effective cloud workloads

Immature infrastructure, vendor & technology choices preventing operational & cost gains

Security concerns outside the organization firewall

     We Provide a transformational, yet grounded migration guidance 

     for businesses preparing for better innovation, insights, agility,

     and remote work culture...

Provide cloud patterns, governance, principles and best practices in operational standardization.

Recommend technology–agnostic approach in choosing cross-platform app development.

To cover internet of things, platform, and device diversity that are ruling your application landscape.

Target multiple platforms and devices where possible, and the appropriate cloud stack that supports them. 


Our  cost optimization plans for your migrations into cloud will recommend appropriate refactoring, re-platform, and forklift strategies for your application inventory, with a cost analysis for cut-over, monthly outlays, and scale-out.


Our subject matter experts offer SaaS solutions in Government, Banking, Healthcare, HR, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and content management domains in managed cloud services model. We offer microservices from monolithic application decomposition using micro-services ecosystem, architecture, and patterns, spanning cloud configuration (Spring Cloud), resilience (Circuit breakers, Request Collapsing), service registry (Eureka), inter-services communication messaging,  API gateway, API documentation (Swagger), and cloud deployment.

We have use cases migrating legacy Government and Healthcare software platforms into high-performance cloud native services hosted on AZURE and ORACLE cloud platforms, slashing operational costs and on-compass IT burden... 


In Paas model, we offer our expertise with WinTel Systems, VMware vBlock, vSphere 4.x & 5.x, Virtual Center and vCloud, AWS and EC2 cloud based systems, S3, IAM and Lambda, Platespin, Double-Take and VMWare Converter, Robocopy and Clonezillia. We configure and manage exchange servers, active directory, and citrix, administer Red Hat Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu Linux Operating Systems, and also our migration services in the fastest-growing segment in PaaS category - database platform as a service (dbPaaS).


IaaS provisions highly automated and scalable computing resources, complemented by cloud storage and network capability which can be self-provisioned, metered, and available on-demand. We provide architectural guidance and execution planning around extending your existing cloud infrastructure or to adopt hybrid cloud and open-stack models. ​IaaS clients will have direct access to their servers and storage via dashboard and/or API, just as they would with traditional servers but gain access to a much higher order of scalability.

use cases
Service offering


EC2, VPC, SG, S3, CloudFront, EBS, Storage, RDS, ELBs, Key Vaults, Cloud EDW


AWS Data Migration and AWS Schema Conversion Services - AWS CLI, Dynamo DB


Google High performance computing

calculate and simulate risk at scale, in real time or on demand, without building your own server farm

Google Lending AI

Transform the home loan experience for borrowers and lenders by automating mortgage document processing and streamlining data capture at scale


IDaaS (Identity as a Service) in the Cloud - federated IAM/IDM for SSO and SIEM in Azure leveraging a unified, virtualized, global Federated ID.


Privileged Access Management (break glass process) in the Cloud utilizing Key Vaults (Centrify).


Cloud end to end security: cloud SDNs such as VNets and VPCs, WAFs, encryption (at-rest, in-transit, in-use), intrusion/threat detection/prevention, data loss prevention, file integrity monitoring, SIEM in the cloud with multi-level forensics.


Developing strategy regarding CASB (Cloud Security Access Broker) and management/governance in the cloud.


 Azure App Services (PAAS)
 Azure VM, Blob, Table Storage
 Azure DocumentDB (NoSQL)
 Azure Redis, search service

 Azure Machine Learning -

 Azure Data Lake Store, Analytics (U-SQL

 Azure Data Factory, Power BI
 Azure SQL Server 2016 , PolyBase

Oracle Autonomous Database

workload-optimized cloud services for transaction processing and data warehouse provisioning, tuning, scaling, data protection, security, failure detection, failover and repair without any DBA intervention.  

Oracle Backup Cloud Service
Oracle Backup Cloud Service is a reliable and scalable object storage solution for storing and accessing your ever-growing Oracle Database backup data.

VMs & Platform Consolidation

Create landing zone and management subnets/jump boxes for VM deployments.


VMware virtualization and management software to seamlessly deploy and manage VMware.VMware workloads in the Scotia Private Cloud.

vRealize Automation (vRA) using XebiaLabs, VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO), and vRealize Operations (vROPS) management packs to visualize operational analytics

platforms, by ingesting run time health, performance and management decision support data on the underlying VMWare compute, storage, networking and private cloud infrastructure.

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